Q: My boobs deflated after breast-feeding. What can I do?

A: The bra expert says (Rebecca Apsan, owner of La Petite Coquette lingerie shop in New York City and author of The Lingerie Handbook):
"At the shop, we call this 'relaxed breast tissue.' Look for bras with graduated pads--thickest at the bottom of the cup, thinner toward the top--for the most natural boost." Removable pads (check out the natural-feeling set we found) are also helpful if one breast is larger--a common post-nursing phenomenon, especially if your munchkin favored one side. "These styles give you the shape, support, and oomph you've lost," says Apsan, who says a big mistake new mothers make is thinking they're the same size they were pre-baby: "Your cup and band size may be smaller after breast-feeding, or larger if you haven't dropped the pregnancy weight. You may need to try on tons of bras to find the one that's most flattering for your new figure."


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