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For all you Canadian fashionistas!
Pure Style Girlfriends is in Canada

Calling all Canadians! We’ve heard your cries and are excited to announce that Pure Style Girflriends is now available online at

We’re excited to do this so all our fashionista friends to the North can avoid international shipping rates along with pesky wardrobe malfunctions. We know being fabulously flawless isn’t always easy but with Pure Style Girlfriends, it can be!

Uneven Isn’t Abnormal… And There’s an Easy, Painless Fix
Different-sized breasts are not uncommon and can be easily remedied with unique products by PURE STYLE Girlfriends

It’s no secret that the majority of women directly identify their sense of beauty with their breasts.  That’s why it can often cause great emotional pain when women do not feel confident about the size or shape of their breasts, often leading them to seek expensive, invasive plastic surgery.  However, Juliana Lutzi, CEO of PURE STYLE Girlfriends, has created a line of products meant to eliminate the need for breast augmentations.

“Statistically, 80 percent of women have uneven breasts and of those women, 20 percent have severely uneven breasts, meaning more than a cup size.  Having uneven breasts is not at all uncommon and it does not need to be something that affects a woman’s self esteem,” explains Juliana.  “Every woman deserves to look and feel gorgeous 100 percent of the time, and my goal is to provide products that offer a safe, affordable and realistic way to enhance the bust line.”

A simple yet effective insert like PURE STYLE Girlfriends products Bump-a-Cup (for a half-cup boost), Jump-a-Cup (a full-cup insert) and Bump & Jump-a-Cup (for those needing more than a full cup insert) can add the missing size to an uneven breast, and they are made with silicone to create a truly realistic, seamless enhancement under a blouse or dress.

Should You Hem Your Jeans for Heels or Flats?
PURE STYLE Girlfriends has a solution for that pesky length issue

The best thing about a hot pair of jeans is that they can be worn out to the clubs or shopping with your friends.  However, this versatility can cause a dilemma when it comes to the hemline.  No one wants to put on a pair of sassy heels and have their pant leg hanging in the air, but at the same time when you opt for a cute pair of flats, you don’t want your jeans dragging on the floor.  Fortunately, there’s an affordable solution that will save you from having to have a heel and a flat version of every pant!

The solution is Stay Put, a surgical-grade double-sided fashion tape from PURE STYLE Girlfriends.  Now girls can get their jeans hemmed to fit the tallest of their heels, and a ten second at-home hem will ensure they’re the perfect length in any shoe.

Stay Put is also an ideal solution for the rainy and snowy conditions that are fast-approaching.  With Stay Put, on your way out the door you can temporarily hem your pants a little high to avoid embarrassing water and salt stains and as soon as you get inside, just remove the tape and you’re good to go.

If You’ve Got it, Flaunt it and if You Don’t, Fake it!
Accentuate your greatest asset with these fashion fixers

Everyone has a favorite feature they love about themselves, whether it’s their legs, back side or bust line.  Whatever your best feature is, here are some tips from Juliana Lutzi, CEO or PURE STYLE Girlfriends, to accent it and feel sexy and fabulous all day long!

If your best feature is your bust line…

Show off your girls and add some sexy cleavage with Gather-the-Girls silicone shaping bra from PURE STYLE Girlfriends.  It’s a demi cup so you can wear even the most revealing necklines, and it’s backless and strapless so it won’t show under any outfit.  Or, if you already have all the cleavage you’ll ever need, try Pick-Me-Up tape that is applied to the breasts and actually lifts them up to two inches without the need for a bra!

If your best feature is your back side…

If you love to show off your behind in tight jeans or a miniskirt, sometimes a little lift will go a long way!  Bump-a-Booty has just the right amount of “pop” to take you from looking flat to fab!

If your best feature is your legs…

Even if you have amazing legs, you’re bound to have a spider vein or two.  That’s where products like ColorTration Makeup come in.  This spider vein concealer works just like the concealer you put on your face, and it hides those pesky veins and will stay on all night long.

Give the Girls a Lift without Going under the Knife
Bring back a youthful perk with Pick-Me-Up breast lift tape

Gravity is not always the greatest of friends, especially to women and their breasts.  As women age, the perkiness that comes with their twenties tends to deflate going into their thirties and forties.  To bring the perk back to your rack, Pure STYLE Girlfriends has Pick-Me-Up tape that can lift breasts two whole inches.

Pick-Me-Up breast tape has the ability to defy gravity and bring the girls back to where they should be without having to turn to doctors for breast surgery and other types of breast enhancement and sculpting.  Pick-Me-Up is the only breast lift tape that has a non-adhesive area that covers and protects the nipple. Made with surgical grade tape, this product is truly one of the highest quality tapes in the world. The clear adhesive is sweat and water-proof and painless to remove, making it perfect for any occasion.

“This product is unique because is wearable under any garment from swimsuits to ball gowns, never coming loose or causing any discomfort.  As women, we all desire a perkier and youthful look, and Pick-Me-Up helps us achieve it without the pain and fuss of plastic surgery,” comments PURE STYLE Girlfriends founder and CEO Juliana Lutzi.  With Pick-Me-Up, a more youthful look is only a tape job away!